Monday, 23 March 2009


"A butterfly was in love with a white rose,
one day, the butterfly proposed to the white rose,
the white rose told him that when she turns red,
that's the only time she'll love him.
The butterfly didn't fly,
he cut his wings and spread his blood in the rose.
The rose turns red and fell in love with the butterfly,
but the butterfly was no longer alive.

Love sacrifices are sometimes useless
especially if that person doesn't know how to appreciate
they come to realize important things when its already too late.

"A girl said to her love "pag ako nawala wag kang iiyak"
the boy answered "sure i will".
An accident happened and unfortunately the girl died.
The boy was shocked but no tears fell from his eyes.
Few days later the boy was found dead with a note for the girl
"Bakit naman ako iiyak? Kung pwede naman kitang sundan".

One night, the boy said to his girlfriend...
"I have to end our relationship, I'm too tired of it,
I'm too busy on my studies and I can't concentrate 'coz you're always texting and calling me".
The girl didn't say a word and walk away crying.
The girl didn't show up anymore.
After 5 years, the boy didn't have any serious relationship with other girls
and he's missing the girl's texts, sweet quotes, calls and jokes.
He then call her and said...
"mahal, I miss you"
But the girl's reply was...
"Who's this? Can we talk later? I'm busy planning for my wedding".

Saturday, 21 March 2009

♥ ♥ ♥Love♥ ♥ ♥

" Distance is never a reason to forget someone
you know why?
coz distance is always equal to "velocity" x "time"
wala namang forgotten sa equation diba?"

"Nakilala kita ng "basta na lang",
minahal kita ng "basta na lang",
naging close tayo ng "basta na lang",
kaya hindi ko hahayaang mawala ka ng "basta na lang".

"Pag namimiss kita dumadating ung araw na sad ako,
dahil di kita makasama, mahawakan, at makausap
pero kahit ganun masaya pa rin ako
dahil pag namimiss kita, lalo ka nagiging mahalaga."

Friday, 20 March 2009


"goOd fRieNds" are those "wHO cARe" w/o hesitations..."whO rEMember" w/o limitations... and "whO reMAins thE sAMe" even w/o communication."

"Building friendship with someone is a choice.
Building friendship with you is my own choice.
And I'm always glad & proud w/ the choice I maid...
no regrets."

"Friend is hard to hanap,
hirap to lose and impossible to limot.
True friends are never hiwalay
maybe in layo but not in their puso
they will never forget each other pangako."

"Friends are God's reward.
The more you do good, the more friends you can have.
I'm grateful coz even though I'm not that good,
we still have God's best reward....
it's you."

"Once in your life you'l find a friend who's true to you
so never take it for granted
never let it go
coz if you loose it, you can never find it again."

"Fake friends ask for food,
Real friends are the reason why you have no food,
Fake friends bail you outta jail,
Real friends sit next to you saying "we messed up but it was fun!",
Fake friends would knock on your front door,
Real friends walk right and say "I'm home",
Fake friends will talk shit behind your back and spread it around,
Real friends beat the crap outta dozen who talked shit about you,
Fake friends will ignore this,
Real friends will appreciate this."